House of Malt is a small batch, craft malthouse located in Ballarat, just west of Melbourne. Our goal is to provide unique malt products of the highest quality, that will allow our customers to broaden their options for creating unique beers and spirits.

We have a very small malthouse (500kg batches), with separate steeping, germination, and kilning vessels.
We utilise the age old technique of floor malting, along with modern steeping and kilning technology, which gives us the best of both worlds to achieve a high quality product.

As we are starting out, our range will be limited, but this will grow over time. We plan to include a number of different grains in our line-up, along with a full complement of roasted, crystal and smoked malts.



Here you will find our current line up of products. All malt products will be issued with a Certificate of Analysis.

If you are a commercial Craft Brewer please contact us for more details.


What is Malt?

Everybody knows what beer is. It is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in Australia.
Fewer people, however, actually know what beer is made from.
Beer contains 4 basic ingredients; Water, Malt, Hops and Yeast. Whilst some other ingredients can be used as well, it can’t really be beer without these ingredients.
Malt provides the fermentable sugars that the yeast will turn into alcohol, in the form of starch. It also provides all of the enzymes required to chop the starch molecules into simple sugars that the yeast can do their work on. As well as all of this, there is a suite of different flavour compounds contributed by the malt, particularly when using roasted or crystal malts.
Malt is also used to make whiskey, and is used in the baking industry to add sweetness to certain food items.



12/422 Sutton Street, Delacombe, Victoria 3356

Enter the shed complex by going past Sutton Street Takeaway along the Service Road on Sutton Street.



0414 900 383

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