These are the current malts that we offer. We are always developing new malts, so this list can change.

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Australian Ale Malt

Our Base Malt.
A very well Modified Malt with High Extract, High Friability, and Low Viscosity. An easy to process malt, with great malt flavour.
Use instead of Maris Otter.

Munich Malt

Full Flavoured Munich Malt.
High Extract, Low Viscosity, and enough enzyme activity to still be used as a base malt.
Use instead of Light Munich or Munich I.

Amber Malt

We have taken our Australian Ale Malt and turned the heat up to create this lightly roasted Amber Malt.
The roasted flavour intensity is deceiving for the colour of this malt. It tastes much darker than it is. Use it wisely.

Aromatic Malt

Not quite Crystal Malt, not quite Munich Malt, not quite Amber Malt, but somewhere in-between.
This malt has a wonderfully sweet, almost nutty flavour, that needs to be tasted.

Light Crystal Malt

Light Crystal Malt with a beautiful caramel flavour.